Prepare a development environmentΒΆ

Software Factory runs and is developed on CentOS 7. Provision a CentOS 7 system, then install the following prerequisites:

sudo yum install -y centos-release-scl-rh
sudo yum install -y
sudo yum install -y git git-review vim-enhanced tmux curl rpmdevtools createrepo mock python-jinja2 ansible
sudo /usr/sbin/usermod -a -G mock $USER
newgrp mock

It is recommended that your Centos 7 installation be dedicated to Software Factory development to avoid conflicts with unrelated components.

Then you will need to check out the Software Factory repositories:

mkdir software-factory scl
git clone software-factory/sfinfo
git clone
ln -s software-factory/sfinfo/ .
ln -s software-factory/sfinfo/sf-master.yaml distro.yaml

The file sfinfo/sf-master.yaml contains the references of all the repositories that form the Software Factory distribution.