Contribute to a project on SF

Clone a project

Softwarefactory uses the GIT protocol as its revision control system. When a project is created, Gerrit initializes the project’s repository/ies.

Repositories can be cloned from the Gerrit server to a local directory. Gerrit allows multiple ways to clone a project repository.

Using HTTP

$ git clone https://{fqdn}/r/{project-name}

Using SSH

Before accessing the SSH URI, one needs to register the SSH public key of its user. (See Setting up SSH keys)


A user needs to setup SSH public keys in order to create new review.

$ git clone ssh://{user-name}@{fqdn}/{project-name}

Create a patch

Once the project is cloned, create a new patch. See this short introduction to git, or the git user-manual, or this git from the bottom up.

Commit message hooks

If you are working on a feature or a bug that is defined in a task on the issue tracker, you can add a line like “Task: XXX” in your commit message, where XXX is the task number. This way, when you submit your change for review, the task will see its status updated to “In Progress”; when the change is merged the task will be closed automatically. The following keywords are supported:

  • Task
  • Story
  • Related-Task (this will not close the bug upon merging the patch)
  • Related-Story (this will not close the bug upon merging the patch)

Create a new Code Review

Before your changes can be merged into master, they must undergo review in Gerrit, this is call a Code Review, (which is similar to Github Pull Request).

First install git-review. Generally, the easiest way to get the latest version is to install it using the Python package installer pip. It might also be packaged for your OS.

$ pip install --user git-review

Make sure your SSH public key is setup, see Setting up SSH keys. Then to push the change to Gerrit, execute the following command:

$ git review
# remote: Processing changes: new: 1, refs: 1, done
# remote:
# remote: New Changes:
# remote:   http://{fqdn}/{change-number}
# remote:
# To ssh://{user-name}@{fqdn}:29418/{project-name}
#  * [new branch]      HEAD -> refs/publish/master/branch-name


The first time you run git review, it will create a new ‘gerrit’ remote. If the project was cloned anonymously from http, it will ask for your gerrit username. You can force this process by using: “git review -s”